Updating A Classic

I originally created this hospital illustration in 2007 for Medtronic (figure 1). At the time, it was one of the largest projects I had received. They gave me a list of areas that needed to be represented and I designed these buildings completely from scratch. It was a fantastic challenge and I was excited about how the final piece turned out.

fig. 1

But technology changes, and so do company names. This division of Medtronic had broken off and was now operating under the name Physio-Control. So when 2011 rolled around, they needed to update the medical devices that were located throughout the hospital and surrounding buildings.

The Physio-Control name was not the only thing that had evolved: my skills had as well. And since I had progressed as an artist, it would be tough to send off a product that I knew could be better. I also knew that explaining this to them would result in a hesitant or reluctant response. After all: they loved the previous piece. My solution was to provide them with the work they were expecting, but then to finish out a second piece as well.

fig. 2



With this second piece I incorporated a warmer, more blueprint-like feel that included pencil lines, a color-to-line-art fade and simplified callouts (figure 2). To my delight they chose the second piece, and were ecstatic that I went to the additional effort.