Illustrating The Process

One of the first questions we get from potential clients is, “What’s your process?” Because we’re a visual communications company, we can think of no better way to answer this than with an infographic.


Initial Contact

Information gathering – It’s not exactly a date, but it’s not exactly not like a date. We review the project scope and goals, get to know each others' companies, and see if we want to work together.



Once we have enough information we’ll put together an estimate and contract that will cover the cost, terms and project scope.


Right Brain Meets Left Brain

This is where we put together our analytical side with our creative side to begin development.


Visual development

Now that we’re working together, the first step is a conference with all the decision makers. This is where we really dig into the meat of the project and gather as much information as possible in order to start development. Paper flies, computers melt, the Internet slows — it’s intense. 


Final Deliverable

This is what we’ve all been waiting for — your final story developed into an easy to read infographic. Now your sales and marketing teams are armed with a very powerful tool to help generate more sales.



Congratulations! The project is done and you’re a new company hero. Accept the praise, take a bow, and ask for a raise.