An award-winning illustrator by profession and outdoor adventurer at heart,
Troy Doolittle is the visual artist behind TopDog Illustration’s creations.
With a background in the advertising industry, Troy has over 15 years of
experience in various forms of illustration. This knowledge has given him
the opportunity to build a large base of clients nationwide that count on
him again and again to produce top-notch work.

“I take great pride in working with my clients to understand what they would
like me to visually represent…right down to the last detail,” said Troy.

As an avid cyclist, backpacker, and sea kayaker, Troy moved to the Bay Area
in 2000 to grow his business and pursue his passion for the outdoors. In the
last several years, these interests have inevitably crossed paths and he now
works with several clients within the sports industry. “These clients love
working with someone who’s familiar with their products and has a passion
for their industry. It’s helping me produce some of my best work yet.”